SoCal Workers Describe Wage Theft as ‘Life-Destroying’

A recent case in Southern California shows how workers are affected by the unfair and cruel consequences of wage theft. The 58 employees of Joined Inc. are still waiting on their paychecks, and some have been vocal describing how their lives are affected. In an interview with The OC Register, employees of Joined Inc. described how they have been hurt by wage theft. Joined Inc. provides marketing and recruiting services for Christian colleges and universities. One of the employees interviewed by The OC Register described the wage theft as ‘life-destroying’. The employee, who used to make $ 70,000 a year at Joined Inc., claimed she was forced to sell shoes and clean houses to make ends meet. She is still owed an astonishing $ 25,000! Another employee was unable to afford her stage 4 cancer treatments. Her coworkers felt compelled to set up a GoFundMe account to pay for mounting medical bills….
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